The Effectiveness of Burning Calories by Hula Hooping

Most of us have great childhood memories of hula hooping with our siblings and friends. Even as a toy, the hoop allowed us to perform exercises by keeping it twirling around our limbs, waist or neck. Hundreds of years ago, the hoop was designed as a tool for exercise by the Greeks, and was often made out of a variety of materials including grapevines, rattan, stiff grass and willow.

Hula Hooping Exercise

Adults are rediscovering hula hooping as an effective exercise program, after Pilates and yoga. It is quickly becoming an ideal solution to work off excess calories and eliminate unwanted body fat. The type of hoop used for exercising is significantly heavier and larger than the traditional children's toy. As a goal to burn calories, these exercise hoops are known as sports or weighted hoops, but are marketed with a variety of other names.

Using an effective, balanced hula-hoop workout routine, you can easily improve your flexibility, and develop a strong body quickly. A weighted hoop has the ability to improve your cardio health and can easily burn up to 400 calories in a 30-minute workout.

Selecting an Effective Hula Hoop

It is important to select the right size and weight of hula-hoop for your body type. Hoops that way 5 to 6 pounds are highly recommended for any adult that weighs over 175 pounds. A 4-pound hula-hoop is manufactured for adults weighing 140 to 175 pounds. 3-pound hoops are ideal for teenagers and adults between 100 and 140 pounds. Finally, one to two pound hoops are perfect for children and teenagers that weigh no more than 100 pounds.

An Effective Hoop Routine

Using your hula-hoop, you can easily develop a significant weight reducing workout routine. In the first week, novices should begin slowly, and limit their hoop exercises to two minutes for each session. You can perform your hoop exercises twice each day. After the first week you can build up to 5 minutes, and the following week build up to 15 to 20 minutes.

Performing hoop exercises, or hoop dancing with your hula-hoop are effective ways to get exercise, improved muscle tone and burn off excess weight. There are many different types of hoop exercises, which can be performed with or without music. The nature of hooping allows you to move to a rhythm and produce a full body workout that can burn significantly more calories than traditional exercising.

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