How Do Pilate Machines Really Work, and Are They Worth the Money?

Pilate machines are designed to use your endurance and muscle control for working your legs, hips, back and abdominals. Pilate machines include the Pilate Reformer, Pilates Chair, Cadillac and High Barrel. All four machines use their own specific methodology and level of service. Each one is designed to specifically tone and lengthen your muscles and provide a great workout that is centered on flexibility. Used correctly, each one can significantly increase your heart rate, and speed up the weight loss process.

The Reformer

The Pilates Reformer has been proven to enhance the activation of your abdominal and oblique muscles. The machine is designed to work your mid region harder when compared to performing unassisted, conventional Pilates. The Reformer has the ability to perform or than 100 exercises. It is crafted with a sliding carriage that guides you through of all the Pilates moves, while providing resistance.

The Chair

The Pilates Chair (Wunda Chair) is an original machine designed by Joseph Pilates as a way to improve all of his exercises. Its effective design enhances upper body stability and strength. It is crafted with a padded surface that includes a pedal base with springs designed to increase resistance. It has adjustable handles on both sides that can be raised or lowered for a variety of exercise moves. Grabbing the handlebars, users can easily change the pitch of all push-up exercises.

The Cadillac

The Pilates Cadillac (Trapeze Table) is a highly complex machine crafted with springs and the table base. It has overhead bars that are designed to boost resistance. Doubling as a teaching device, it allows the user to perform perfect single movements on the machine before advancing to more intensive Pilates’ exercises. The Cadillac/Trapeze Table allows the student to perform the perfect Straight Leg Roll, Mermaid, Hip Opener, Twist, Swan, and other moves. Used properly, the student easily learns the optimal technique and positioning to achieve the best results.

The High Barrel

The Pilates High Barrel is crafted as an effective tool for enhancing stretching and flexibility. With a padded hard surface resting on a wooden stand, the High Barrel allows the user to perform exercises that are over the top of the arc. The machine improves stretching while it flexes the muscles of the spine. It helps the user remain centered, putting less stress on muscles and joints.

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