The Benefits of TRX Training

TRX Training uses your own body weight and gravity as a way to enhance your power, strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, core and joint stability. It is designed around effective exercises that prevent injuries while boosting bone density and muscle strength.

TRX Training works well for any individual that wants to maximize their workout results while minimize their training time. The exercise routines are designed to work out your entire body by quickly switching from one workout exercise to another, in just moments. Every exercise will engage your core muscles including your chest, back, glutes, abs and pelvis.

Build a Stronger Core

The main reason TRX Training is so effective is that it improves your flexibility, balance and stability. A stronger, stable core helps strengthen your lower back and enhances your performance in your daily life. The program uses your own body weight to adjust your exercise routine that is adapted to your personal fitness level. Each exercise constantly challenges your body and minimizes any wasted time switching machines, equipment or weight.

Develop Stronger Muscle Foundation

You can easily build muscle size and strength, and challenge your muscles like never before. TRX Training exercises maximizes the strength of all your stabilizing muscles that support your joints. This allows you to lift heavier weight while remaining stabilized, which is an exercise impossible to accomplish in a seated machine workout routine. The exercises help build a stronger muscle foundation reducing the risk of injuries. Many bodybuilders use TRX Training as the optimal tool for plyometric training, to increase power output.

Increase Heart Rate and Burn Calories

As a cardio workout, TRX Training workouts optimize multiple muscle groups to increase your heart rate and burn off excess calories. The training program keeps you in constant motion from one exercise to the next. Many TRX training circuit-like exercises work to strengthen your heart and boost your muscular endurance.

Performing TRX Training exercises also help to fight against bone loss. Even though TRX is low impact, it provides many of the benefits typically achieved using weight-bearing exercises. The exercises support a full range of motion by using a variety of muscles that are not used in typical workout routines.

Woman on a Treadmill