Regular Exercise Slows aging

Stanford University published a study that tracked people who ran regularlly from age 50. They were compared against a group that did not run.
In general the people in the study who ran appeared 16 years younger then those who did not. They were able to lead a more active lifestyle well into their senior years.
The mortality rates of the runners were also lower - 15% versus 30+% (after 21 years into the study). There were reduced rates of major deseases such as cancer and heart problems.
You do not need to hit the streets to get the benefit of running. A treadmill or elliptical trainer allows you to get the same benefits without leaving your house. For somebody starting to exercise in their 50s a piece of quality exercise equipment such as the NordicTrack A2350 Treadmill allows you to slowly build up your endurance in controled mannor.
To read more of the study visit:
Twice the workout, half the time

I began doing water workouts this summer, and it's amazing how incredibly effective they are.

I don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but if you're ever considering getting a hot tub, save yourself some money and get an aquatic fitness system (an "underwater" gym) instead. It incorporates cardio with resistance exercises so it tones your body and makes you feel like you've worked out for an hour after only 10 minutes! And then you can relax in the "spa" area of it. :-)

Here's the site:

All the best for your health and workouts!


Oh, and forgot to mention that water is particularly ideal for anyone over 50 since it's low impact and protects your joints. Plus, you'll be amazed with the results.

Exercise Vest

I've had a friend who recommended using an exercise vest from a website called

Does anyone have any familiarity with these sort of products and if they work well?

Symmetry HC 810

I have owned the Symmetry HC 810 for just over one year. As it was a new product, I purchased the 5 year extended warranty. I am very happy I did as in the last year, it has broken down twice. The first time (about 6 months ago), the belt broke. From what I was told by the repairman, he said that the belt moves off the pully and snaps. Now there is a new problem in that the machine doesn't respond to the commands on the electronic panel. I bought one of the original models and was told that there were some problems with them. I like the machine but two breakdowns in one year has me worried if I bought a lemon. My repairman said the only brand of eliptical he would purchase is Precor. Just passing on my experiences to others ..

Woman on a Treadmill