Weight Loss Ideas

As the sounds of spring fill the air I need to get off the treadmill in the basement and get outdoors! I am still packing on a a few (ahem - 20) extra pounds that I would like to get off before summer. To shake things up a bit I started looking at how many calories different activities burn.
Sitting on the deck in the evening playing the guitar for 30 minutes will burn about 130 calories.  To loose one pound (3500 calories) I would have to play the guitar for 13 hours. Wish I could play the guitar! I would gladly play for 30 mins every evening!
18 holes of golf - carrying my clubs would burn close to 2,000 calories. If I could play every morning before work then I would be down to summer weight in a month! And I would have more time to golf after I got fired for playing golf every morning...
  • Backpacking for 30 mins - 190 calories.
  • 30 mins on a kayak - 210 calories.
  • Sex for half an hour 172 calories!

Now shoveling snow for 30 mins would burn 248 calories. It just did not seem so rewarding to shovel snow for 2hours at a strech last winter and loose less then half a pound. 

Woman on a Treadmill