Body Break Elliptical 950

Product Type: Elliptical Trainers
Brand: Body Break

Because this is magnetic resistance it should be a fairly quiet machine.

LCD displays the standard speed, distance, calories and pulse.

Fixed handle bars mean that it is a good fit for somebody who is concerned about their balance. Others may find this a limiting feature - the machine may not be able to grow with your needs. Carefully assess how you will use this equipment now and in the future.

I was unable to find a reference to a pulse reader. The LCD displays pulse rate but I am not sure if this is from sensors in the handle bars or a wireless reader.

Help Please!!

We have an elliptical trainer we have only used it like 5 times and it is sqeaking and we have tried oiling all the parts but it hasnt help. Does anybody have any other sugestions about how to stop this very annoying sound?

Woman on a Treadmill