Free Spirit Elliptical Bike

Product Type: Elliptical Trainers
Brand: Free Spirit

With a multitude of settings, this elliptical bike lets you customize your workout, to help you get in the best shape of your life.

  • Synchronized movement simulates actual motions
  • Digital LCD display that gives all the information you need
  • Magnetic resistence
can't adjust tension on bike

I can get the tension to adjust,it only stay on the one speed that is the least tension.Any way to fix this problem.

One speed only

Need help with my elliptical. Only stay a one speed (Level 1) even though I change at different levels. Every thing seems to be working except no changing the level. I did change to a new batteries. Any way to fix this problem. Many thanks

you may not have the wires

you may not have the wires connected correctly in the base of it...your would need to take apart the handle bars and then foot bars to fix this...i was a step ahead and realized that i never connected the wires....

No Manual.

I do not have a manual. How do I get the computer started? Or can you point me in the direction of acquiring a replacement manual?


free spirit 8.25 elliptical trainer

has become very noisy, any ideas where to start looking?

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