Kettler EXT7 Elliptical

Product Type: Elliptical Trainers
Brand: Kettler

This elliptical allows riders to just start and go, or provides instruction, depending on the level of the user. The EXT7 features an extended stride design that is one of the longest in the industry at 19”.The unique motion of this machine has a patented extended motion technology that offers ergonomic benefits from the sequencing of its movements making it one of the lowest impact elliptical trainers available on the market. The user is challenged by varying degrees of resistance by a no-friction electro-magnetic system that is capable of providing 400 watts of resistance.  The EXT7 features a programmable computer with exercise programs tailored to pulse-directed training or fat burning and fitness regimens. The unique braking system allows for 75 different levels of training offering a range of resistance with manual or programmable resistance in the 25-400 wattrange. This machine is versatile, well-designed and delivers a low-impact workout with high-profile results.

Woman on a Treadmill