Kettler Synchross V3 Elliptical

Product Type: Elliptical Trainers
Brand: Kettler

For the ultimate in a low impact, high quality elliptical workout, this cross trainer offers the exercise that is needed to maintain healthy bone density and overall body toning without straining the back or joints. This model features a 48 program training computer which has the ability to store workout data on a memory card for later comparison. This machine is designed to work for the beginner up to the most accomplished athlete. The ergonomic design creates movements through adjustable stride lengths and optimizes tread distance. This elliptical features Kettler’s Dynamic Power System, which adjusts the slope to mimic natural terrain profiles. The key benefit of this system is that muscle groups that do not normally get worked on elliptical cross trainers get plenty of action with the Synchross V3. The user can adjust the incline and decline on the console to change the shape of their workout.

Woman on a Treadmill