NordicTrack CX 990 elliptical

Product Type: Elliptical Trainers
Brand: NordicTrack

The NordiTrack CX 990 Elliptical Trainer features five Quick Ramp incline settings ranging between 10 and 30%.  Changing the incline varies which muscle groups are focused during your workout.

Other features include:

  • 10 selectable programs
  • Built-in Heart Rate monitor 
NordicTrack - JUST SAY NO!!!!

As a recent buyer of a NordicTrack eliptical I can tell you that this is the worst product that I have ever purchased and the worst customer service experience to go with it. So please heed my recommendation: NEVER EVER buy a product from these guys. Here's the backstory:

My wife and I purchased a 990 eliptical back in September (about 6 months ago). After about a month of use, there started to be some strange vibrations and clacking from various parts of the machine and the incline ramp failed to go up and down or just slowly went down while I was working out. I called customer service to ask them to send someone out, and they told me that they needed me (!) to tell them what was wrong so they could send parts. I told them about the vibrations and clacking and the ramp and they said they would send parts and then I would need to contact their local repair service. When they sent parts - 2 weeks later(!) - all they sent was a bearing and some axel grease. So I called the local service guy to come out and he tells me that I don't have all the parts so he can't fix it. I said, "I have all the parts" and he answers "No, you need new wheels. Your wheels are broken." So obviously, since I am not a designer of elipticals, I got the diagnosis wrong and had to wait another 2 weeks for wheels to show up and then recall the service tech to come out and fix it. While he is fixing the machine, he discovers that the ramp motor is not working (I told him this earlier) and there is actually a bearing issue in the enclosed eliptical section and so he generously repairs this while he is there.

1 month later the ramp is still not working so I call back and tell the customer service people about it and they say "don't you have the incline motor?" to which I say "no, you never sent it" and they say "Oh, really." 2 weeks later (!) I have a new incline motor and the local service tech comes out to make the repairs at which we find out that the metal frame where the motor attaches is tearing out and the entire unit is unrepairable. That starts a cycle of 6 weeks and 30 (literally) phone calls back and forth to NordicTrack at the end of which they tell me that I (1) can't have a refund, (2) will be receiving a new unit from the factory in 3-4 weeks, (3) won't have a full warranty on the new unit - only the remaining portion of the year since I originally purchased the unit and (4) have to disassemble, throw away, and assemble the new unit on my own.

So, we've owned this now for 8 months and at least 4 months of that time, the equipment has been unusable.

The whole way through this process I am dealing with very nice, but completely ineffectual customer service, returns and billing personnel who continue to repeat the company mantra that it is not their problem and that my local retailer is the issue.

I have never had a worse customer experience.

So PLEASE, learn my lesson and don't buy anything from NordicTrack. Their products are junk that spend most of their time broken and waiting for service. Their customer service policies are horrendous. Their warranty is terrible.

I am relieved I am not the only one...

I am going through pretty much the same thing right now with my treadmill, except mine has NEVER worked. I called again today and said I would give them one more week, but based on the reviews I have been reading I am returning it to Sears tomorrow and will go with a completely different brand. I complained that I have had a non-working treadmill in my living room for one month, and the CS response was "these things take time. I am working on one that has been going on for three months." Not very reassuring.
Nordic Track BITES.

Nordic Track CX990

I've had mine for almost 2 years with no problems at all! Works like it is suppose to, very stable and sturdy and i get a great workout!

Nordic Track

You get what you pay for.

The front pedal welds on mine had to be re-welded. Not too difficult to disassemble and reassemble to get welded.

The wheel broke (Split in half). Thinking of replacing it with a roller blade wheel if I can. 100 dollars a wheel is too much.

Over all the build quality is sub par. The design is bare minimum. They pack a lot in and if it takes too much of a beating it will break. Not designed for the punishment they get.

But, of course if it was, you'd pay twice as much.

cx 990

Were you able to use the rollerblade wheel?
How and hat did you use it?

My wheel also broke and i am trying to find a solution...

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