ProForm 675 CardioCross Elliptical Trainer

Product Type: Elliptical Trainers
Brand: ProForm

The CardioCross 675 features Instant feedback display with a single large LCD window has three displays that visually track your speed, time, distance, calories/fat calories burned, and pulse. The console also houses a Coolaire Workout Fan.

  • low-impact, all-over workout with this ProForm
  • Adjustable electromagnetic resistance lets you easily change your intensity level;
  • Oversized foot pedals for secure footing;
  • 14" stride for a natural feel; Single,
  • large LCD window with three displays; Readings for: speed, time, distance, calories, fat calories and pulse;
  • EKG heart rate pulse monitor is built into the handlebar grips;
Resistance is VERY hard, cannot use after 3-4 minutes

I bought this elliptical from my mother who could not turn the foot petals. They are VERY stiff. I can use it for a few minutes but after this I am exhausted. I could do the elliptical at a fast pace for 45 minutes in the gym, but the resistance on this is unreal. I cannot make it any looser. Something must be wrong but I don't know how to fix it! If anyone knows, please let me know!

How to fix Proform 675 Magnet Resistance problem

I had the same issue with my Pro-form 675 Elliptical trainer. This problem is caused by the Silent Magnet Resistance System (SMR). Its magnet is too close to the flywheel and the resistance is too high. Unfortunately the SMR is not shown in the User's Manual. You can find only the Lower Resistance Cable (43) and its lower end shown on the right side of the flywheel (17) in page 15.

Its root cause could that, the plastic hook for a spring, inside the magnet wheel, is broken and cannot pull the magnet back even though you turn the resistance knob to the minimum.

To fix it needs to remove both side shields (SEE HOW TO ADJUST THE DRIVE BELT), disassemble the flywheel and the magnet wheel. Find the spring and tie its end to the position close to the broken hook.

One simple solution is to disconnect the lower end of the Lower Resistance Cable (43). Push and move the resistance connector anticlockwise to make the gap between the magnet and the flywheel as big as possible.

Good luck
MFC 01/06/2010

same problem

don't have a manual, can you explain more details


You can find its manual from


675 Magnet resistance


In you comment, you say something about "See how to adjust the drive belt". Well, I cannot find this information in the owner's manual. Can you provide us with more on this?


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