Sole E25 Elliptical

Product Type: Elliptical Trainers
Brand: Sole

Sole puts a lot of ergonomic expertise into the design of this elliptical device. The Sole E25 provides natural motion that is guided by a quiet drive system. This unit functions in both forward and reverse mode with a 23 pound flywheel. There is a high gear ratio that is not found on other elliptical machines. This provides a smooth exercise experience with a lot of resistance that gives a challenging workout for both the muscles and the heart. There is a manual incline feature which users can deploy to increase their workout capacity. The ramp angle allows users to work all lower body muscle groups in a targeted workout. Oversize foot pedals are specially engineered to give maximum comfort during a workout. This elliptical has a built in LCD display for exercise metrics and has built in speakers to hook up any MP3 player in for a maximum workout experience.

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