Sole E55 Elliptical

Product Type: Elliptical Trainers
Brand: Sole

This model gives the user excellent quality and value from a machine that can fit in well in the health club as well as the home gym. This unit features heart rate control and 2 user programs for a tailored cardio workout that tones all the muscles groups or targets the ones an elliptical user wants to. The larger display panel makes viewing of heart rate and other exercise metrics easier to see. The 27 pound flywheel is combined with a high gear ratio for a serious workout with lots of resistance potential. Users will love the diverse exercise regimens at their fingertips with just the touch of a button. The ramp angle is adjustable from 15 to 40 degrees which allows users to target specific muscle groups or work all major lower body muscle groups.  The interactive heart control helps the user maximize the cardiovascular potential of this elliptical and helps them get the most out of every workout.

Woman on a Treadmill