Extreme Fitness V1-02 Heart Rate Monitor

Product Type: Heart Rate Monitor
Brand: Extreme Fitness

 Extreme Fitness V1-02 Heart Rate Monitor features:

  • 2 automatic training programs per age input
  • Programmable Target Zone and exercise time
  • Three alarm sounds
  • Visual alarm
  • Preset exercise time countdown
  • Current heart rate display (up to 250 beats per minute)
  • Maximum heart rate (up to 35-250 beats per minute)
  • Average heart rate
  • Total time over Low Limit of Target Zone
  • Total time over High Limit of Target Zone
  • Clock
  • Unique transmission LED indicator
  • Re-settable and re-checkable Target Zone
  • Watch EX-factory 30 meters water-resistant
  • Transmitter EX-factory 10 meters water-resistant
  • Weak battery detection
  • 3V batteries
  • Auto power saving

Woman on a Treadmill