Oregon Scientific Talking Heart Rate Monitor

Product Type: Heart Rate Monitor
Brand: Oregon Scientific

This unique heart rate monitor really helps you get the most out of your workouts by giving you heart rate readings by voice prompts you get through headphones. This not only gives heart rate readings, but can motivate you to push harder during a workout and keeps your eyes free; you don’t have to look at a display to know where your heart rate is at. You get all the information you need through the voice prompts including workout time, calories burned and target heart rate. The Oregon Scientific Talking Heart Rate Monitor features a smart training program that you can use to track your progress on a workout by workout basis. You can establish a user profile based on exercise type to customize your workouts to your fitness goals and needs. This operates with an elastic chest belt and includes an exercise and recovery timer to help monitor fitness levels on a consistent basis. This is a rare find among heart monitors where you get instant verbal feedback on your heart rate.

Woman on a Treadmill