Reebok Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Product Type: Heart Rate Monitor
Brand: Reebok

This monitor watch from Reebok provides key heart rate measurements and requires no transmitter chest strap to measure your heart rate during your workout. This monitor can recall up to 42 laps of exercise to measure your progress over time. It has several convenient modes for different phases of the workout and the touch sensors give an accurate and effortless heart rate reading in a large numerical LCD display that is easy to read. The memory function records and plays back heart rate readings so you can compare and contrast your heart rate and check if you are in your proper zone. This function can also recall the highest and lowest heart rate readings for a particular workout session. This watch conveniently stays on the wrist with no attachments necessary to get a pulse or heart rate reading. Active people will appreciate the effectiveness of this heart rate monitor from Reebok.

Woman on a Treadmill