Are Free Weights or Home Gyms Better for Beginners?

For many years, individuals who decided to get in shape in their own homes almost universally went down to the store and purchased a free weight set. While these can offer excellent results, they face stiff competition from home gyms. Each of these devices does have its specific benefits and drawbacks. For beginners, getting in a good workout oftentimes means recognizing one's limits. For instance, overdoing it can cause injuries which can actually make it impossible for individuals to keep up with their workout routine.

Free weight sets do have some specific advantages. Home gyms are generally designed to accommodate the most common range of physical sizes and weights. Of course, human beings come in all shapes and sizes and some home gyms may be able to accommodate most individuals while being too small or large for others. Free weights offer the individual the ability to get in their workout, no matter what their shape or size. They also offer an easy way to increase the intensity of the workout. If one needs more of a challenge one simply uses more weight. Nothing could be easier, really.

For beginners, however, home gyms offer some beneficial features, principally in the way of safety. Working out with free weights requires an awareness of one's body and a knowledge of anatomy. An improper workout is as likely to cause injury as it is to increase one's fitness. Home gyms allow individuals the safety of the workout that is designed to accommodate their anatomy and to ensure that one is not injured accidentally. These devices are also able to be folded up, by and large, and stored under a bed or in another convenient location. For beginners, home gyms offer a bit more safety while still offering flexibility.

Woman on a Treadmill