Body-Solid Fusion 500 Personal Trainer

Product Type: Home Gym
Brand: Body-Solid

Body-Solid Fusion 500 Personal Trainer home gym system is for the fitness enthusiast who wants to get a full workout from a compact system. A user can customize this multi-station gym with accessories that work for them. This home gym has revolutionary functional training arms and can be adapted to your floor space and training needs. On a station to station basis, the Body-Solid Fusion 5000 offers a complete workout experience with the ability to perform over 60 exercises for the maximum in fitness training. This single-stack, multi-function home gym offers exercises including the chest press, incline press, lat pull-down, leg extension, bicep curl, cable row and many more. You can get an amazing workout that is versatile and complete and the user is the one who ultimately decides how to configure this home gym system. This home gym allows you to isolate individual muscle groups or allows you to expand your workouts to focus on total body fitness.

Woman on a Treadmill