Body-Solid Fusion 600 Personal Trainer

Product Type: Home Gym
Brand: Body-Solid

Now home gym users can get club quality equipment with the Body-Solid Fusion 600 Personal Trainer. This has everything a home fitness buff needs to get started on a powerful workout routine in the comfort and privacy of their own home. This multi-station gym has a bi-angular press arm, a seated leg curl station, a dedicated mid row and functional training arms.  With these great features, you can customize your workouts using all the current technology and methods that all the fitness experts talk about. The Body-Solid Fusion 600 Personal Trainer is a flexible home gym system that allows users to design their own gym with their own personal tastes and fitness goals in mind. This home gym features a biangular converging press arm that has 25% more muscle interaction which gives better results. With the function and flexibility of this home gym system, a user can perform more than 60 exercises to maximize their fitness routine.

Woman on a Treadmill