Bowflex Revolution XP Home Gym

Product Type: Home Gym
Brand: Bowflex

This is a compact home gym that gives an excellent upper body workout for those who have limited space. This home gym utilizes the patented Spiraflex resistance technology that duplicates the effects of free weights in one compact machine. This home gym is flexible and you can add on components such as a lat and ab back pad to get a more complete full body workout. You can also add on an extra 80 pounds of resistance for a total weight resistance of 280 pounds. You can blend your exercise routines with strength training for the upper and lower body with components that allow you to work your different muscle groups at different angles. You can build stronger abdominal muscles, work your leg and hip muscle groups and sculpt your back and shoulder muscles all with one machine, without having to deal with bulky gym equipment. Bowflex users rave about the results they are achieving with the Bowflex Revolution XP Home Gym.

Woman on a Treadmill