Multisports 5000 Home Gym

Product Type: Home Gym
Brand: Multisports

This is a light commercial grade home gym that has dual 200 pound weight stacks for the ultimate in strength training. This home gym is constructed of heavy gauge steel which ensures stability and strong performance every time there is a demanding workout.  There are a multitude of stations which can be used for a total body workout. Stations included in the Multisports 5000 Home Gym include a press, a pec deck, a leg press, high pulley, low pulley, leg extensions, and ab crunch. There are a variety of exercises and fitness routines you can perform on this solid machine. There are adjustable seats which allow for proper and safe positioning when exercising. The leg press has a unique design that offers over 400 pounds of resistance, perfect for a high performance lower body workout.  You can make further adjustments to have different starting positions on the press and pec stations, offering a more versatile and tailored workout.

Woman on a Treadmill