Free Spirit MD 2-in-1 Rower and Recumbent Bike

Product Type: Rowing MachinesStationary Exercise Bike
Brand: Free Spirit

There are plenty of exercise bikes available on the market. One of the latest selling points is making these into convertible devices. This allows users to get several different workouts on one device. The Free Spirit MD 2-in-1 Rower and Recumbent Bike offers this feature with some nice technological frills that make it still more useful. This exercise machine is of a moderate size and will not support individuals who exceed 250lbs in total weight. The device offers 4 separate workout programs for both strength and aerobic fitness routines.

The MD 2-in-1 has an LCD monitor which make for easy reading in most conditions. The display can offer a host of information to the user. The user may monitor how far they’ve rowed or biked, get an idea of how many calories they’ve burned, keep an eye on their pulse and more. The bike has a handgrip sensor that keeps track of one’s physical data. The power source for this device is two double-A batteries. The device has 8 resistance levels which can be selected for any of the four workout routines that are programmed into the device.

The principal advantage of this device is that it offers two simple workouts. Rather than offering only one workout option—which often causes one to lose interest—or offering a host of them, it offers two time-tested methods of staying in shape. The bike can be easily folded out into a rowing machine when the recumbent bike workout gets old. The device can also be folded down to allow for easy storage under a bed or in a closet. Fully extended, the bike offers a 10” stride length which should be adequate for most individuals of average height and weight. Assembly is required.

Any idea how to convert

Any idea how to convert miles to kilometers? It was on km yesterday, but miles today, don't know what I did. Also, the 4 buttons won't work, i"m assuming they're for the workout programs, any ideas?

miles to kms

Hold the big blue button down while you are peddling and it will change the miles back to kms. My small buttons also don't seem to work! ? ! ?

Did anyone get the 4 small

Did anyone get the 4 small buttons (which I guess are for the 4 workout programs) to work ?

2 in 1 rower / recumbent bike

does anyone repair meter -the screen went blank and I really like the equipment

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