Stair Climber Buying Guide

Stair climber exercise equipment provides you with an excellent workout that is low-impact. All that you need to do in order to benefit from this machine is to keep your feet steady on the pedals and utilize a fluid motion. As you do so you will be able to mimic the actions of skiing, walking or stepping. This allows you to increase your heart rate and give your cardiovascular system a good workout. When you are tired of working out and wish to stop, you just stop moving and the machine will stop as well. When shopping for stair climbers, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. First, you will need to consider whether you desire an independent or dependent machine. In addition, it is important to consider available features when shopping for a stair climber machine as well as how you wish to adjust your workout.

Dependent or Independent

A dependent machine is a stair climber with the steps linked together. When you push down on one step then the other step will also move as well. This means that technically it is possible to cheat on your workout by simply shifting your weight rather than actually putting any effort into your workout. An independent machine is one where the steps are not linked together. In order for this machine to work you will need to actually push down on each of the steps in order for it to move.

Features in Stair Climber Machines

One popular option that is included on some stair climber machines is movable handlebars. This type of feature gives you the option of working out your upper body at the same time as working out your lower body. Another option is a dual direction feature that will allow you to work all of the leg muscles by walking forward as well as backward. Some machines also feature courses that are pre-programmed and will give you the option of walking in the park, climbing a mountain or using some other course. You can even set a course according to the range of difficulty that you prefer for a completely customized workout.

Adjusting your Workout

You will also need to consider the type of resistance that is used by the machine you choose. There are two options. They are cylinder-driven and computer-controlled. A cylinder-driven machine will use hydraulic fluid or air to provide resistance. Resistance can be changed by turning a dial or knob. Computer-controlled machines are pre-programmed and will also provide you information about the distance you have climbed and your heart rate.

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