Free Spirit Magnetic-Resistance Upright Exercise Bike

Product Type: Stationary Exercise Bike
Brand: Free Spirit

  • Only at Sears
  • adjustable seat
  • smooth magnetic resistance with auto-tension control
  • large LCD control panel shows time, speed, distance, r.p.m., calories and fat calories burned
  • accurate grip-pulse sensor
  • 250 lb. maximum weight capacity
  • roller wheels for easy movement
  • Free Spirit brand is only available from Sears.
    Can't Beat Sears for service

    I have never been dissappointed buying anything from Sears. They always stand behind their products. This should keep me off the couch for awhile. Quiet enough so that I can still watch TV.

    Free Spirit model 30077 came

    Free Spirit model 30077 came without any assembly instructions or user manual.

    Free Spirit Model 30077...

    You are not the only one, who ordered this machine without a manual. It did come with a book with about 10 pages all the same with a warning... =(

    checkout go


    go to customer service
    go to manuals
    in the model name field put free spirit and it will give you a bunch of manual choices

    your not the only

    your not the only a free sprit ellipical trainer without a manual also.

    Reducing tension

    I bought a used upright free spirit exercise bike but I find that the lowest tension is still very demanding. The bike didn't come with a manual so i was thinking maybe there's something I'm doing wrong? There should be a setting that doesn't feel like I'm constantly going uphill...

    Tension on Free Spirit Bicycle

    Has anyone found a solution for reducing the tension on the bicycle so that it doen't always feel like you are travelling uphill?

    Free Spirit Upright 703

    My problem is that although the load levels change on the console the load seems to be the same at L1 as it is at L10. Anyone else have this problem and find a resolution

    Totally I am with you - wtf

    Totally I am with you - wtf is wrong with this machine!!! L1 is the same as L10 and my fn knees are killing me - I've tried everything - any answers out there would be appreciated - manual tells me nothing.
    PO in Canada

    Freespirit 703

    Most likely the gears inside the bike are stripped.

    I have a 703 with a similiar prob - opened it up - the CHEAP plastic gears are stripped on one of the plastic cogs that control the load/resistacne - garbage! - this high load stuff should be made of brass or some other hard METAL alloy. Now I am trying to find parts/service - I am off warranty

    TEnsion on exercisr bike

    Did you ever find an answer, our bike has become a dust collector because of this problem.

    tension exercise bike

    yes its the plastic tab that holds the tension cable they keep breaking there should be a recall and i cannot seem to find a replacement cover for this tab


    we have the freespirit magnetic bike , our dog ate the power cord.
    I need to know the voltage on the dc adaptor, but cant seem to find the info anywhere.
    We threw the adaptor away therefore i cant see what it reads on it. It should say right on the big black adapter, any help is appreciated. thanks.

    The voltage on most free

    The voltage on most free spirit ellipticals is 6V and the machine can draw up to 1.5A. I'm running mine off an old batter charger (6V/1.5A max) and it is working beautifully.

    The main thing is not to try too high a voltage. When it first broke, i tried a 4.5V, 500mA adapter I had laying around and it worked, but seemed slow to tighten. That was because the machine was trying to draw more current than the adapter could provide. I wanted to make sure that under higher load (i.e. when the belt inside is being tightened by the little motor) that it had enough current to do it properly. You can't hurt the machine with low voltage or low current (it would be the same as when the batteries are weak). You can if you overdo the voltage. The machine decides how much current to pull from the wall and it depends on what you are doing with it at that time. After doing some research, I realized there was an option for 4D batteries in series, which means 6V total. After that it's easy. You could even search eBay for 6V 1.5A power adapters and just plug it in. It's a standard barrel plug on the elliptical. If the receptical on the machine is broken (as mine was) I just opened it up and wired it together permanently with the battery charger that I used.

    Good luck!

    Bike voltage

    Mine is Freespirit mod 30141 and is running with 110vAc to 6vDc adapter.


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    Free Spirit magnetic resistance exercise cycle 178

    Model No.: C249 30014 001 (162161178 001) - Step 4 of the Assembly Instruction, item 2, reads: "Connect the cable wire from the tension control (20) to the extension tension control cable (21) (See Insert)" I may not be the brightest light on the block, but I was hoping to be able to assemble the bike without the aid of a nuclear physicist or a structural engineer. IF ANYONE 'OUT THERE' HAS ANY CLUES AS TO HOW THIS STEP WORKS, I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL. THE END OF THE CABLE WIRE (20) ISN'T LONG ENOUGH TO FIT OVER THE HOOKED END OF THE EXTENSION TENSION CONTROL CABLE AS SHOWN IN THE LITTLE DIAGRAM INSERT (THE DRAWING GIVES YOU THE IMPRESSION THAT THE WIRE CAN BE STRETCHED TO FIT OVE5R THE HOOKED END OF THE CABLE, BUT, IT IT CAN, IT'S FIGHTING ME.
    I don't mind being called a moron, just so long as somebody can help. I can't believe I'm the only one who ever had this trouble.
    Thanks in advance.

    Free Spirit exercise bike

    I may be too late to reply to your question about the tension cable for your Free Spirit exercise bike because you wrote it last year, but I thought if it's just sitting in your basement, you might be happy to get this information. I have a different model, but had the same problem as you when I was assembling my bike this afternoon. The solution is very simple (if your problem is the same as mine). I was also frustrated by the fact that the cable didn't seem long enough to feed through the end of the extension tension control cable bracket but I eventually figured out that the tension knob was turned to the highest tension, which means that the tension cable was pulled up, and therefore shorter. All you have to do is turn the tension knob to the lowest tension setting, which lengthens the cable enough for you to feed it through the bracket.
    I hope this is helpful! Let me know if it works for you.

    free spirit 690 recumbent bike

    I have the above bike and need to get the display unit for it. A few years ago my son and his friend were playing in the basement and broke it off. I really want to start using the bike again and want to know what the heck I am doing while I am on it. Can anybody help me? I have been through the site here looking for a phone number or email address and have had no luck, unless I am totally blind. I would appreciate an answer from somebody please.

    And thank you.


    checkout go


    go to customer service
    go to manuals
    in the model name field put free spirit and it will give you a bunch of manual choices

    free spirit 920S Bike

    I have a Free Spirit 920S bike and it works great but sometimes makes a noise like it is dirty inside. I do not have a manual for it and am wondering if there is any maintainance that can be done

    I have the same bike and

    I have the same bike and have had it apart because the belt tensioner (plastic) broke into pieces. For your information, there are no lubrication points inside the the cover. All of the bearings are sealed ball bearings. I replaced the belt tensioner with a wide wheel from an old roller skate (the bearings are exactly the same). And there is no contact between the flywheel and the magnets that provide the resistance so no wear. So if it is making noise maybe a bearing is worn out. I still have the manual for it and no mention of special maintence is mentioned. Do you know how I can enter other smart programs onto it?

    checkout go


    go to customer service
    go to manuals
    in the model name field put free spirit and it will give you a bunch of manual choices

    bike issues

    Where can I get my bike serviced. My bike has no power and i need a power supply. It's a free Spirit recumbent bike.

    Free Spirit 30140

    My wife picked up a Free Spirit item #30140 and its missing its power supply. Where can we find a manual or can someone let us know the voltage and polarity for the power supply.


    power cord for #30140

    I'm having the same trouble. I bought one used (cheap) but with with no power cord. Any luck finding the part and voltage?

    treadmill power cord

    i dont know where you can buy one through a store but i have found that most free spirit treadmills have a three pronged removable power cord. i was able to notice that they looked very similiar to a removable computer power cord and they were. they were exactly the same just the computer cord was shorter. i have one for sale from an old free spirit treadmill if you cant find one. i recommend going to a thrift store in your area and asking for the electronics section and buy an old computer and use the cord from that. or the might even have seperate cords for sale there too. i went to the value village in my area and have found many power cords for devices that i need, such as cell phones, computers, monitors etc., etc., good luck.

    free bike

    Where are you located?

    checkout go


    go to customer service
    go to manuals
    in the model name field put free spirit and it will give you a bunch of manual choices

    Freespirit 30141 Manual

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a manual for FREESPIRIT RECUMBENT BICYCLE MOD # 30141.
    I am willing to pay for a copy. Email me :
    Thank you Frank

    checkout go


    go to customer service
    go to manuals
    in the model name field put free spirit and it will give you a bunch of manual choices

    Exsercise bike manuel book for a freespirit 453

    Hi i will like to know where I can downloap the manuel book on internet .. Thanks

    checkout go


    go to customer service
    go to manuals
    in the model name field put free spirit and it will give you a bunch of manual choices


    I bought a free spirit 695 at Sears. I moved and took it apart for easier transporting. Now I am trying to reassemble the two pieces and can figure out how the come together. I need an assembly manual to help in this process. Thanks Hugh Hamp,
    Box 5, Horning Mills, ON L0N 1S7 519-925-0329


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    free spirit 2 in 1 Cycle trainer

    I assembled it in approx a day One manual said one person 1 hour, and another said "must have two persons 1 hour'.

    From Sears MailOrder

    Two friends say that the tension even on 1 is much too tight for a beginner. Sure is hard to use!!

    Did I make the wrong connections? Or is it a flaw in the product? Pls advise by above email.. Thanks. PW

    Free Spirit Recumbent Bike - Manual

    I lost my manual to my free spirit recumbent bike but I found one online that I printed off. However, it is missing one page - and it is the most important page for me. It was a description of each of the 7 or 8 different programs included. It has pictures of various programs on the dashboard, but when I choose P 1 or P 3 I used to be able to look in the manual to help me choose which program I wished to do. Does anyone know where I can get that chart or description of the various programs installed?

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