Kettler Ergoracer GT

Product Type: Stationary Exercise Bike
Brand: Kettler

Kettler designed the perfect stationary bike with all of the benefits or an exercise bike that mimics the performance of a road bike.  The corrosion proof galvanized frame is designed to simulate the experience of a top road bike and give the user an authentic riding experience. This bike features adjustable triathlon and drop bars and multi-position stem and seat posts with an ergonomic gel saddle insuring a comfortable ride that is safe on the body. There is a wide resistance range that is programmable with the Kettler Indukctions Brake System that minimizes friction and wear on braking components. This bike features a Poly-V ribbed belt drive system with a 40 pound flywheel that produces a high quality riding experience with safe freewheeling. This unit features a Siemens electronic display system with 8 preloaded training programs and a wireless heart rate transmitter for proper heart rate monitoring. 

Woman on a Treadmill