Kettler X1 Stationary Bike

Product Type: Stationary Exercise Bike
Brand: Kettler

Kettler designed this bike with a sleek contemporary design that is compact for convenience yet fully functional with intuitive technology. The Kettler X1 guarantees rider comfort with an adjustable padded gel saddle and adjustable handlebars.  Crafted in Germany, this bike is well-known for its endurance and performance capabilities. It has a flexible training computer with an easy to read display of heart rate and over 70 resistance level programs designed for a variety of fitness levels and designable routines. The Kettler X1 has an automatic setting of pulse rate range which helps users burn fat and reach their ultimate fitness capabilities and allows them to view their pulse range capabilities. This unit has a USB interface which allows users to download pre-set training programs from the Kettler website and store them for later use. With 75 levels of training, there is no friction or wear on any of the braking components

Woman on a Treadmill