NordicTrack U300 Exercise Bike

Product Type: Stationary Exercise Bike
Brand: NordicTrack

With the 'SoftRider' cushioned seat and lifetime frame warranty, this is a great exercise bike for the start or continuation of a home gym. 

  • Workout fan
  • iFIT workout card
  • 20 workouts
  • Compact
  • Plug in your MP3 
Do not buy NordicTrack U300 Exercise Bike

I got this bike in November. When I first got it the pedles slipped as it went from low to high tension. Very bad for knees. Then the repair guy came out three times and completely broke it. now the bike is totally worthless and nordiaktrak won't replace it.

This is junk. Do not buy.

The Nordictrack U300 is a piece of junk. I put it together to find out that the seat pole would just slide all the way down, never locking. I called Nordictrack and they said the frame was damaged and they would have to send me a new one. Then I got an e-mail saying I would have to return it to Sears instead. So I got a new one from Sears. After putting the new one together, within a couple of minutes of use, I began to hear a knocking sound that I could feel with my foot as well. I called Nordictrack again and they said it was an issue with the ball bearings. Initially they said I would have to pay the shipping for a replacement part and $45 for someone to come out and repair it. After complaining that I should not have to pay to have a brand new bike fixed, they offered to remove the fees. But I chose to return it instead, as 2 broken brand new bikes makes me wonder what else would go wrong. Plus I thought I was protected by a 1-year manufacturers warning as was advertised. But charging me for repairs is not really a warranty. Do not buy this product!

Nordictrack U300

From day one, there has been a clunk with every rotation of the pedal.
When I called the warranty number, the told me to take it apart and look for loose parts, or pay $45 to have a service tech come out. That's not a warranty, that's a profit center. I am also disappointed in the resistance level. If you are looking for a serious work out, look at another bike.

Nordictrack U300

After 12 months (about the time the warranty expired), this bike began making clunking sounds and the resistance "come and go" without any changes to the settings. Shortly after that, peddling produced a continuous grinding sound with very little resistance. I am going to disassemble the bike and attempt to repair it. If that doesn't work, it's going to the dump. Now...I really don't know why I made the decision to buy this bike and replace my 25 year old Ross mechanical exercise bike that had 60,000 miles on it. That was a big mistake...

Belt broke, misaligned tensioner or pulley

I bought this bike second-hand and it was in new condition. Used it for 4 months and the belt broke. I took it apart and found that the pulley and/or tensioner is misaligned, which caused the belt to shred. A new belt costs only $37 but Nordic Track charges $15 to ship a 3 ounce belt. Plus I don't know how to realign the pulley and tensioner assembly. Waste of money, do not buy one of these. Spend the extra money and get a quality piece of equipment.

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