Precor 8422-Experience Commercial Cycle

Product Type: Stationary Exercise Bike
Brand: Precor

This top of the line commercial bike offers ease of use with the range of human motion built into its design. Users will enjoy a smooth exercise experience with a Poly-V belt used instead of a chain which gives a quiet ride and requires less maintenance. This stationary bike offers resistance levels that are consistent and has a wireless heart rate system and SmartRate chest strap monitoring that allows users to see all vital stats while they are getting a high quality cardio workout. The user-friendly console makes programming easy and there are multiple programs available including a hill climb, heart rate, interval, and weight loss programs that allow users to tailor their workouts to get the best cardio workout and body sculpting options available. These units also offer a number of built in entertainment features which include a 12-inch personal viewing screen and personal entertainment player that is compatible with other video players such as iPod.

Woman on a Treadmill