ProForm 380 CSX Review

Product Type: Stationary Exercise Bike
Brand: ProForm

Individuals who like very advanced technology to be a part of their workout routine will likely find much to love in the ProForm 380 CSX. This device combines several innovative technological features with a highly-adjustable workout device. The game also has several luxury features which should make it easier for individuals to keep up with their workout. Part of staying fit is making the whole affair fun and the ability to attach iPod music players to the device and to participate in various fitness games should provide a way to keep the user's interest over the long term.

This device offers digitally-controlled resistance levels. It also contains technology which allows users to monitor their heart rate while they're working out. For those who feel a bit lonely when working out at their home, the fact that this device allows one to work out with a sort of virtual personal trainer will be a welcome feature. By inserting an iFit card into the device, the user is offered a personal trainer who will give vocal cues and encouragement. The voice serves to guide the user through the entirety of the workout. Entertainment is a big feature of this device.

While this device certainly does have many entertaining features to it, it also offers users the opportunity to engage in a very challenging workout. The device can be adjusted very easily to accommodate taller or shorter riders or to change the muscles being worked. The display offers information such as calorie burn, speed and distance and is easily readable due to its large size. For those individuals who like to change up their workout from time to time, there are eight separate workouts available with the machine. They are guided by the aforementioned personal trainer device.

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