Stationary Exercise Bike Review Guide

Exercise bikes have been around in the home a lot longer than other home fitness equipment and they're still popular today. There's a reason for that; they're simple, easy to use and require no co-ordination.

Today most models are quiet and small, important features for tucking it in the corner of your family room pointing at the television. That's my favourire way to exercise, the time passes fast as I'm entertained by my favourite show.

Choosing Exercise Equipment for your Home

It can be really daunting purchasing home fitness equipment, there are so many choices. This article gives a good overview of the most popular options.

Exercise Bikes vs. a Treadmill

Most of us can't afford multiple pieces of cardio equipment. This article will help you decide between purchasing a treadmill or an exercise bike for your home gym. Considerations include calories burned as well as safety and enjoyment.

Woman on a Treadmill