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For the past two decades, Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod have been well-known figures in Canada due to their association with healthy living. Their well-known line of vitamins and minerals are seen in stores throughout the nation and are designed to help individuals reap the benefits of living an active lifestyle. Their umbrella company, Body Break, has recently moved into the fitness equipment business. This coincides with the pair's commitment to availing individuals young and old of the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Part of Johnson and McLeod's philosophy is that the economic tolls of poor physical fitness on society are as great as those experienced by individuals who fail to stay in good shape. Staying in shape does not necessitate that one venture to a gym for hours every day. In fact, individuals can stay in shape by simply making better choices about their lifestyle such as turning off the television, eating a bit better and paying more attention to their body. Physical fitness equipment that is used in the home can help individuals overcome the self-esteem issues that may keep them from visiting a professional gym. While physical fitness doesn't need to cost a dime, many individuals have a busy lifestyle that keeps them from attending to their bodies as they should.

Body Break has long been associated with providing nutritional supplements that allow individuals who live lives which are far too hectic to accommodate home-cooked meals to get proper nutrition. Home exercise equipment places the means to getting in better health right in front of the individual. When one is in their own home, they are more likely to allow themselves to enjoy a workout without feeling insecure about their performance compared to other individuals. This is part of helping individuals stay in shape.

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