Horizon 5.3T Treadmill

Product Type: Treadmills
Brand: Horizon

This folding model treadmill has a lot of features one would expect from a high-end free standing model. It features a full sized 20” by 60” running space and a cushioned belt for extra support of ankles, knees and joints.  This treadmill features ten workout programs that offer a wide variety of routines and displays all key data on a LED dot matrix screen. Wireless heart monitoring with a chest strap allows runners to maximize the cardio benefits of their workout and monitor their progress on screen and tailor their fitness regimens to their desired results. This machine operates smoothly at all speeds, and can go from 0 to 12 miles per hour with an incline rate that can be adjusted as fitness levels advance. This treadmill has a large steady frame that can handle rigorous exercise safely and effectively and can accommodate the longest of strides.

Woman on a Treadmill

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