New Treadmill Routines for a New Year

Every January more people buy treadmills and join gyms then any other time of the year. By March many of these people have forgotten what street the gym in on and are using the treadmill to dry their laundry.

One of the biggest reasons people fail to keep up with their New Years Resolutions to keep fit is that they have not built solid habits. Lets have a look at several ways that help make exercise easy and fun so that the habit is formed.

Most treadmills end up in a corner of the basement. If this corner is fit for a vampire then you are going to be some what reluctant to spend 30 minutes or more a day there. Make an investment in not just your exercise equipment, but in the space where you will exercise. A fresh coat of paint and new flooring are ideal. If you are in an unfinished basement try some posters on the wall and paint the bare concrete floor. Exercise mats also help to warm up the basement.

If your treadmill is bound for your living room make sure that you get one with a fold up deck. Fold up treadmills are very popular now and do not sacrifice any features. It is important though that you try folding and moving the treadmill before you bring it home. If it takes 2 people to unfold and move into position then you are going to be much less likely to use it.

Entertainment is also a key when using a treadmill. Many people enjoy watching TV as they use their exercise equipment. Personally I prefer listening to some loud music. Whatever your preference, make sure that it is available to you when you use your treadmill.

Another trick that I have used is to place some motivational items in view of the treadmill. I have the first participation medal from the Bluenose marathon and my golf clubs in sight so I could think of how much easy it would be to carry them.

Another barrier that many people face is their children. They feel that they cannot take time to exercise when they should be spending it with their kids. I feel that exercising with your children is showing them a great example and can be some real quality time. My 6 year old love to exercise with me, she runs on the spot and does jumping jacks while I workout. If I start to slow down she gets after me too!

The key to a good treadmill routine is to make it fun and easy. If you are dreading your exercise time then find a way to make it more enjoyable for you.

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Woman on a Treadmill

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