NordicTrack Incline Trainer X3

Product Type: Treadmills
Brand: NordicTrack

The Nordic Track Incline Trainer X3 offers users a host of options for their workouts. This device offers not only pre-set workouts but the ability to create trails on the fly so that one’s workout can be spiced up a bit. Electronic features add to the flexibility of the device. There are physical aspects of this machine that are designed to enhance the comfort of the user and to make it easier for one to get the fastest-possible results, as well. This treadmill climber is suitable for users of all levels.

The device has a large climbing deck, constituting 30”x54” of workout space. This should accommodate those with long strides with comfort. The deck is also cushioned which will be a welcome feature for those who need to take it easy on their feet and joints. The deck can be inclined and the speed changed with the press of a button making on-the-fly changes to one’s workout an easy affair. If one finds the 9 incline workouts lacking in variety, one can use the Mountain Trail Generator features to mix it up and to add new challenges. The motor on this device has 2.8HP of power behind it.

The display on this device is very large and should be easy to read for most users. There are drink holders alongside the display. This device also offers an easy way to keep one’s mind occupied during their workout. There is an MP3 adapter attached to the device. The most flexible feature of this device is the adjustable incline. Those just starting out their workouts can keep it low impact and those who are in very good trim can create a genuine challenge. The deck can incline up to 40 degrees, offering a tough workout for anyone.

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