NordicTrack ViewPoint 3000 Treadmill

Product Type: Treadmills
Brand: NordicTrack

Watch TV with the 7"cable ready, DVD ready built-in TV, or listen to music with the Music Port that you can connect the MP3 plater of your choice to, while running on this awesome treadmill.


  • Built in sound system
  • TV screen also shows you time, distance, and calories burned
  • Lifetime warranty

Check it out, this tread mill was featured on the Today Show!

NordicTrack ViewPoint 3000

Picked up for wife on Dec. 24th and brought home. System is huge and took two men and two boys to carry into home. System was easy to assemble with basic tool knowledge. This treadmill has some great features with an MP3 connection to listen to your tunes while working out. The monitor is a nice feature which allows you to watch programming while exercising. While this is a nice feature, I would suggest mounting your own monitor on a wall. If (and when) the console fails, be prepaired for sticker shock. Ours failed after only 10 uses and the only thing that went out was the monitor. In this case they have to replace the whole console at a cost of $1142.02 !! This includes shipping and taxes but that was nearly the cost of the whole system. The part ships today 1/15 and will not arrive for a month. Customer service is decent after I got through from being on hold twice for 15 min each while waiting to speak to a human. I will post more when I get to use it extensively.

Was Thinking Of Getting This Treadmill

Wow, I was only web surfing to see if I could see a better picture of the console or price and I find this. I think they need to have a spot for reviews on their website because it's very important. Now, after reading all of the bad problems everyone has had with their console, it's making me think twice before buying that. You'd think you'd get it for free after paying so much money for something that didn't work as long as it should have...but obviously that isn't the case.

same problem

I have the exact same problem as the last person who reviewed this treadmill. I've had it for less than a month and the console has already gone out on me. I can listen to the tv but can't watch it or tell how fast or how long I've been exercising. I had a horrible time with NordicTrack customer service. The treadmill is currently out of stock and they have no idea when it will be back in. How's that for the $1400 I spent on this piece of crap?

hey, me too!

any updates? i just noticed that my console was acting funny - we've had the treadmill less than one month. now, the numbers drop off the screen, letters are missing from words, the ifit card can not function properly etc. i called and was told, by not the friendliest person (she could have been worse) at nordictrack that we need a new console, it's on backorder, shouldnt have had the treadmill plugged in all the time (I did find that direction in the manual, but I've never heard of such a thing!) we dont even use it every day. what's the reason for the surge protector if we're unplugging it?

just wondering if anyone has ever rec'd a new console and is it working? so discouraging!! and they wont tell me how long to wait to get it.....thanks!

Piece of junk

I'm pretty discouraged reading these comments. I'm sure as heck not going to pay $1100 to fix this piece of junk. Everything on the treadmill works except...well you know what I'm going to say. If I could just forget the TV portion and just see the minutes countdown i'd be happy.

I feel I really got cheated on this one and I'm out of warrnaty too.

I am having a similar problem

My View Point 3000 is @ 5 months old and I began noticing problems about a month ago. Screen flickers, numbers rearrange themselves, I get pulse readings even though i have not touched the pulse monitors, etc., etc. I called Nordic track and was told (after being encouraged to purchase an "extended warranty) that they would send me an email to walk me through trouble shooting the control pane!!! I was told if I got error messages "I" could follow the instructions to reset the machine and "if that did not stop the problems I should call back and maybe they could send parts !" Yes send parts! This is the poorest service I have ever seen for an item that costs so much. I saw this treadmill on the today show and think they should follow up on the poor performance coming from an item recommended them.

I'm currently waiting for the promised email and will attempt the reset. However, I do not have a great deal of confidence that this is not just busy work intended to deflect the real problem.

Nordic Track Disappointing

I purchased a Nordic Track Space Saver Elliptical and it has to be one of the NOISIEST pieces of equitpment I have ever used... even with my stereo nearing it's maximum output this thing growns and moans. (I am 28 lbs under the "max weight recommended"). I emailed Nordic Track via their online form... no responce, I emailed them directly... no responce... it is no wonder these units were on sale for such a good price. No doubt Nordic Track is just trying to offload all their POS machines and ignore customers in hopes that they will stop calling. Generally it takes A LOT for me to bitch publically about a product like this, however this has done it. The product annoyed me (badly) their service (or lack there of) has pissed me off. DO NOT BUY NORDIC TRACK!!!!!!

MP3 player plug

Well - I didn't think too much of it when my son said he was running on it and all of a sudden his MP3 player didn't have any sound coming from this thing. I set it up 12 days ago.

I was just planning on phoning Sears and getting them out but it sounds like it might be more than that. Might just have to take it back I guess.

I see right now on the NordicTrack website - this is selling for 999 plus free shipping. WOW !

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