Smooth 4.25 Treadmill

Product Type: Treadmills
Brand: Smooth Fitness

This treadmill is ideal for the indoor exercise enthusiast who is looking for a simple and quiet treadmill that is affordable and will help them reach their fitness goals. This folding treadmill is ultra-compact and is designed for fitness walking and light jogging. It is easy to fold out and stand up and can reach speeds of up to 8.8 miles per hour. It can easily be stored in a closet or under a bed, or any room where storage space is at a premium. This unit has a one button startup and a LCD display with six programs as well as the option for manual operation. There are two incline positions that can be adjusted manually. The Smooth 4.25 Treadmill has hand pulse grips for cardio monitoring and a shock absorbing running surface that is easy on the knees and joints.

Woman on a Treadmill

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