Smooth 6.45 Treadmill

Product Type: Treadmills
Brand: Smooth Fitness

The Smooth 6.45 Treadmill offers a vast amount of features one does not usually associate with a folding treadmill. Its running deck is designed to limit the impact of running and walking on the knees and joints and this shock absorbing technology compares to many higher end models you would find in a health club. Built with a high powered motor, this unit still runs very quiet, perfect for the home or office runner or walker who does not want the noise to travel. This treadmill also features a state of the art sound system that hooks up to any MP3 player or CD player which blasts music out of the console to pump up and energize any workout.  You can get heart rate control with an optional chest strap to monitor heart and pulse rate hands free or use the hand rail pulse meter. With a built-in fitness test, users can monitor their progress over time.

Woman on a Treadmill

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