Sole 83 Treadmill

Product Type: Treadmills
Brand: Sole

The Sole 83 Treadmill gives indoor runners a powerful workout with a heavy duty high torque motor.  This machine is equipped with a very large running surface for convenience and safety. Having a heavy duty motor gives a cardio workout that is powerful and highly effective in getting users to their fitness goals. With speed and incline control built into the arm rests, users can make adjustments as they see fit. This treadmill has been rated high by experts for its superiority in construction and safety which includes a 10-amp circuit breaker and a quick release tether cord. There are also twin handrails and front grab bars. The console panel features a built in message board for feedback and instruction and displays all the critical running data so users can monitor their progress and get the best possible cardio workout and burn fat if that is part of their program.  There are six standard programs with two programs that can be programmed by the user for a customized workout.

Woman on a Treadmill

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